WWE’s ‘Submission Sorority’ Unintentionally Promotes Adult Site

WWE’s new Divas stable, Submission Sorority, hit the headlines this morning due to its accidental promotion of an adult site of the same name.

WWE executives found themselves in an interesting position this week, thanks in large part to the company’s new Divas stable: Submission Sorority.

This week, Monday Night Raw, WWE Divas Paige, Becky Lynch and Charlotte revealed their new stable name to the sold-out crowd and millions of viewers watching at home. The Submission Sorority was born and fans quickly adopted the team’s new name.

What some fans may not know if WWE made a huge oversight in choosing the new team name. Turns out, the Submissive Sorority is the name of a porn series as well – something that WWE superiors kind of missed out on.

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As reported by TMZ, the name Submission Sorority is also the name of a series of pornographic series produced by a company named BangBros.

While forgetting has likely only led to problems for WWE, TMZ reports that BangBros web traffic has skyrocketed in recent days, with one analyst reporting that site traffic has increased by 56%. within 24 hours of that Monday. Raw. Not only is site traffic on the rise, but the analyst also reports that the site has seen a 35% increase in subscriptions.

Needless to say, the site is in heaven with WWE surveillance, so much so that they are planning to send Vince McMahon a special gift basket!

Members of the WWE Universe, on the other hand, have been split into two categories: fans who find oblivion humorous and fans concerned that the name will lead young members of the WWE Universe to accessing content by accident. Many worried fans fear that when young fans go online to search for the stable, they will be directed to the wrong kind of content.

It’ll be interesting to see how WWE proceeds with the situation, but until then we have to ask ourselves: what do you think of WWE oversight? Should the company go ahead with the submission sorority or drop the name in hopes of protecting its young fans? Weigh in on the subject in the comments section below.

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