Sean Wheelock goes from Bellator commentator to adult webcam play-by-play man

In perhaps the strangest career move in history, Sean wheelock will do some commentary work, and it’s not for Bellator. In the future, it will provide one game per game for adult webcams.

Sports commentator Sean Wheelock has lent his voice to many causes over the years. Not only did he spend half a decade working for Bellator, but he also worked for UFC Fight Pass, M-1, and even work for football clubs. In fact, his efforts and knowledge of the sport even led him to be appointed to the Kansas Athletic Commission, as commissioner.

Sean Wheelock uses his voice to help the blind

Now it looks like Sean Wheelock will be lending his gaming skills to a different kind of activity. According to a Press release, he will work for the adult webcam website Its role will be to providing commentary for cam shows, in order to provide an inclusive experience for the visually impaired.

“, offering the widest variety of adult webcam experiences, today announced the launch of ImLive4TheBlind, a website dedicated to providing the visually impaired live cam experience that millions of people in the world are currently profiting. The live sessions will be commented by a sports broadcaster giving play-by-play on what is happening so that the user can clearly see what is happening on the screen in front of him.

“Adult entertainment for the visually impaired has been sorely lacking over the years, especially in the live camera realm, and ImLive4TheBlind is happy to provide this service to an underserved community,” said Adrian Stoneman, vice president of ImLive. “There is no reason that a blind person cannot feel the excitement and gratification that can accompany a live webcam session. Our broadcasters are professionals who know how to create anticipation and can create a clear picture for users in real time.

The same statement also contained a statement from Sean Wheelock which pointed out that he was delighted to be able to help people go through things that they wouldn’t normally be able to experience. It’s certainly a unique thing, but as long as he’s happy doing what he’s doing, that’s all that matters.

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