Photo of Urfi Javed uploaded to adult site, now going fiercely viral, checkout to find out more! –

Actress Urfi Javed continues to dominate social media for one reason or another. Recently, she made such a revelation, knowing that you will be stunned as well. Urfi said in an interview that her photo was uploaded to the adult site, after which her condition became very bad.

Urfi Jave

The famous actress in the television industry, Urfi Javed, often makes headlines for her outfits. Urfi Javed continues to share his very daring photos and videos on social media. In such a situation, now Urfi Javed has made a big reveal about herself. The actress told in an interview that something happened to her when she was 15, which everyone would be amazed to know. So, let’s find out what happened to Urfi Javed at the age of 15.

Urfi Javed revealed in an interview that when she was 15, a photo of her was uploaded to an adult site. Although the actress does not know who uploaded this photo of her. Urfi Javed further stated that after seeing this photo, not only the members of society but also her own family members started cursing the actress.

Urfi Jave

In an interview with RJ Anmol and Amrita Rao, Urfi said the actress made an off-the-shoulder top by cutting off a top. Urfi had uploaded this photo to Facebook but someone there gave it to the adult site. Urfi also said during the chat that after uploading the photo, many people pointed out his mistake. People even said why you uploaded the photo wearing that weird top.

Urfi Javed has made a different identity among the public with his hard work and dedication. The actress has worked in many television shows, including “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata”. Urfi Javed was also part of Bollywood producer Karan Johar’s show “Bigg Boss OTT”. Urfi Javed was very popular with fans of this show.