400 million adult site accounts hacked and your password sucks

UPDATE: November 15, 2016 at 9:17 a.m. AEDT FriendFinder Networks told Mashable that the company has received a number of reports of potential security vulnerabilities. “Immediately after learning of this information, we took several steps to investigate the situation and enlist the right external partners to support our investigation. Our investigation is ongoing, but we […]

WWE’s ‘Submission Sorority’ Unintentionally Promotes Adult Site

WWE’s new Divas stable, Submission Sorority, hit the headlines this morning due to its accidental promotion of an adult site of the same name. WWE executives found themselves in an interesting position this week, thanks in large part to the company’s new Divas stable: Submission Sorority. This week, Monday Night Raw, WWE Divas Paige, Becky […]

Cam’s Show ‘N’ Shine | Conduct

Breadcrumb Links Vintage and collectible Vancouver Entertainment Classic cars and trucks Auto shows Great British Columbia Auto Show & Trade Weekend Author of the article: Conduct Content of the article VANCOUVER – This past weekend has been relatively quiet for local auto events, but this weekend has more to offer. Advertising This ad has not […]

Cam Show Gets Dashing – The Santa Barbara Independent

Cam SanchezPaul wellman In what was by far the most animated exchange between Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez, City Council, and members of the public since Council asked the Chief to start showing up to make regular introductions Sanchez has been called upon to weigh in on the allegedly substandard culinary and sanitary conditions […]

Chief’s suspension for “adult” websites shocks Metro

The Metropolitan Transit Authority’s efforts to restore public confidence suffered a setback on Thursday with the announcement that Chairman and CEO George Greanias, the public face of the “new metro,” was suspended for visiting websites sexually explicit using the agency’s Internet access. Some observers have said that Greanias, who has run Metro since last September, […]

Learn more about OpenDNS, including filtering adult sites

My previous post was an introduction to both DNS and OpenDNS. I offer here a brief review of the features and services offered by OpenDNS. But first, let’s consider what happens when DNS breaks. As mentioned earlier, the DNS system translates computer names into IP addresses. So if it breaks, it may appear that your […]