Mukesh Khanna Gets Adult Web Series Offer, Says This

Who doesn’t know Mukesh Khanna who has appeared in many TV shows today? Mukesh Khanna is known as Shaktimaan. Mukesh Khanna, however, is always in the news for his outspoken style. Now this time too a video of Mukesh Khanna goes viral on social media which you can see here. Indeed, in this video, the actor made a big and shocking revelation. In fact, in that video, Mukesh said, “He was offered the role of a web series. But he refused to work on that web series.

Indeed, Mukesh Khanna made this revelation in his chat show “The Mukesh Khanna Show”. Actor Karanvir Bohra was also present on the show. Speaking to Karanvir Bohra, Mukesh Khanna said: “I was offered two web series on OTT. I got a call. But I said, ‘Look, I have spoken a lot against the porn that is happening. takes place on the OTT platform. ”So the other person said,“ Our story is different. So I said okay. Then they mailed me their story.

The actor added, “There was a lot of footage like this in this web series. There is a girl who is expert in such things. Then he said you have to marry a girl. But you can’t. not get married, then you have frustration in you. The actor also said, “After reading this, I replied that if you didn’t call it obscene, who would you call obscene. And then I refused.

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