Mirror, mirror, on your camera, show us what you hand drawn

Working and learning from home may be the new normal, and if IKEA shelving is any indication, people are sprucing up their home desks with furniture, gadgets and squishy chairs. While teleconferencing has proven to be an invaluable tool, paper documents don’t go away without a fight.

Unfortunately, dedicated document cameras take up a lot of space and money, so they’re inconvenient if you only share every now and then. [John Umekubo] didn’t want students and teachers to be hampered by the same costs and inconvenience, so he modeled a mirror mount that slides over a laptop’s webcam and directs the view down.

[John]S’s adventures started with a post on Twitter, as seen below, but the responses were so encouraging that he posted his design on Thingiverse for everyone to see. There is also a version that can be laser cut from cardboard, although we would imagine a pair of scissors would work in a pinch. He admits there is a mainstream model already, but had no plans to sell them anyway. Like us, he wants to get people to share their work.

We recently covered a simpler version of the same idea used at Northwestern University, and we saw a similar hack that gives a split screen effect for drawing and maintaining eye contact. If you want to share the view in your room, we have a Raspberry Pi streaming option that’s worth checking out.

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