Life Ruined After Starring In Adult Web Series; slept in a train station with a baby, a woman files a complaint after a young – KERALA – CRIME

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A woman from Malappuram has emerged shortly after a youngster complained that he cheated on her and cast her in an adult web series. The actress said her life was ruined after starring in the web series and no one should fall for the director’s trap. The woman had previously filed a complaint with Thiruvananthapuram cyber cell against the OTT platform and the director. The complaint said she was forced to star in the adult web series when she came to star in a series.

She said she was a normal housewife living with her husband and children. She said she came to act in a series. Later I learned that it was a web series. At that time, she was forced to sign the contract and acted without any interest. However, after the series was released, her life took a turn for the worse. The situation is that she is not possible to leave the house now. She said she couldn’t go to work, had no home and slept at the train station with her two-year-old baby. She (the director) is responsible for everything. No girl should fall into his trap. She said that’s why she came to the fore. She said she was talking about the verge of suicide.

Meanwhile, Vizhinjam Police have registered a case regarding a similar complaint filed by a youth from Venganoor in Thiruvananthapuram. The case is against the owners of the OTT platform and the director. The youngster alleged that the contract was signed after filming the first episodes of the web series. His complaint said after being threatened and forced to act saying it was an adult serial film. His complaint also stated that the manager demanded compensation of Rs 5 lakh if ​​he was removed from the contract. He was paid Rs 20,000 for starring in the series.

Filming took place at a villa in Aruvikkara, Thiruvananthapuram. They said they will give the signed contract in two days but haven’t given it so far. The youngster is currently staying at his friend’s house in Kochi.