Joe Buck Responds To Million Dollar Offer From Adult Site To Call A Scene

Since his quarantine began and sports closed, main FOX player Joe Buck has tried to stay alert by calling for action on videos sent to him by fans on social media.

Male, who also started a podcast—Father-related issues– during quarantine, revealed a few weeks ago that some fans had asked him to make play by play for their most intimate moments.

Things took things to the next level, however, as an adult website offered Buck $ 1 million to call his camera shows live.

Given the importance of this story, I reached out to Buck for an official comment on whether he would take the offer.

“I’m highly qualified because I’ve practiced these calls most of my life,” Buck said, “but I don’t want to just take this job without a proper and open hearing. So if they get Jim [Nantz] et al [Michaels] and Mike [Tirico] and everyone else doing what I do to audition, I’m in it. If one of them says no, I’m out. That’s all I can commit to right now. I can say that I have NEVER been so flattered. And I know my father would be proud. “

Obviously, Buck had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, but you have to admit that there are people out there who would play by game and do a great job with this “mission”. If you need a laugh, just read the responses to this tweet.

The site that made the offer, ImLive, reached out to SI to let us know that they are “also accepting applications from other national and local sports commentators,” so there is a job for someone.

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