Jaguars Gardner Minshew offered endorsement deal with adult site


Jaguars QB has a whole lot in its hands

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew is quite the following cult hero. Of its impressive Goodman-Esque White Mustache to the plethora of nifty headbands he wears, Minshew is certainly a sight to behold.

However, Minshew’s eccentric demeanor doesn’t end with his lip caterpillar and headgear. Minshew participates in some rather unusual pre-game rituals.

However, the teammates appear to be supporting Minshew’s stretching routine. That is, as long as he produces on the football field, which Minshew has done a decent amount in a short period of time as the team’s flagman. This is clear from his Week 1 Pepsi Rookie of the week price.

Apparently, Minshew’s pre-game ritual has caught the attention of a number of unique places and businesses.

Minshew proposed a CamSoda endorsement deal

CamSoda Vice President Daryn Parker has personally reached out to Minshew to offer him a sponsorship deal for their new CamSoda Fit classes.

Gardner Minshew CamSoda Offer

The program is currently presented by a number of adult entertainment stars and offers live lessons several times a week. CamSoda is hoping to add Minshew to this list by having him lead an exercise class, in his famous jockstrap, of course. This can be done from the locker room or one’s own home.

So does that mean fans could potentially take yoga classes under the guidance of a scantily clad Gardner Minshew?

It’s unclear if the quarterback will consider the offer, but it’s a lucrative offer. CamSoda sweetened the deal by offering Minshew up to $ 1 million for approval. That’s a big check, especially for a sixth round pick set to make a slightly higher base salary $ 650,000, by Spotrac, in his rookie season in the NFL.

We reached out to Minshew’s SportStars, Inc. agency about their client’s potential new aerobics gig, but they didn’t comment at the time.

But wait, there is more!

Gardner Minshew and the Jaguars teammates

The adult cam site hopes Minshew is more than their glorified Richard Simmons.

CamSoda also gave Minshew a role as a brand ambassador for a line of intimate knitwear. They even add a jaguar to their list of available styles (for obvious reasons). At this point, they offer an elephant, a watermelon, and a vampire in their collection.

For those supporting Minshew’s unique pre-game warm-up, you’ll be able to see even more if he accepts the deal. Headband, mustache and jockstrap in all their sweat.

If Gardner refused “the deal of a lifetime,” all hope is not lost. CamSoda is also targeting another Jaguars flagger. Nick Foles and his somewhat abrasive nickname also sparked interest from CamSoda. If that fails, Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones is next in line for his close-up, thanks to a hapless wardrobe malfunction at the NFL combine in 2016.

There’s no answer yet, but we’ll likely know soon enough if the Jaguars quarterback chooses to accept the new sponsorship deal.

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