Former UFC Fighter Cindy Dandois Turned To Adult Site To Make Money During Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the world as we know it, most of the world’s best athletes have been forced to get creative in finding ways to maintain their top form. For former UFC fighter Cindy Dandois, training isn’t even an option. As a result, she put her MMA career on hold and traded her shorts, shirt and gloves for lingerie, a smile and the imagination of her fans.

Cindy Dandois finds success in MMA

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Cindy Dandois started her professional fighting career in 2009 in the Netherlands. The Belgian fighter put in an impressive performance from the start, winning her first four fights. In 2014, Dandois joined Invicta where she found success winning two of her first three fights, including an impressive victory over Megan Anderson.

In April 2017, Dandois made her UFC debut where she lost by unanimous decision to Alexis Davis. While this is understandably a disappointing result, Dandois used that loss and his subsequent exit from the UFC as inspiration to improve. And she did.

Fighting in various locations in Europe and Asia, Dandois has won four straight wins and was invited to the Bellator MMA. Her last fight was in December 2019, which she won in a second round submission and improved her overall MMA record to 16-5.

Cindy Dandois moves on to a career in adult entertainment

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With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc across all industries, including sports, athletes have been forced to adapt and find all the training resources they have. For Cindy Dandois, that’s basically the problem. She has nothing at her disposal in her country of origin, Belgium.

“I lost my gym during this Covid lockdown, no help from our government and the fighting canceled,… leaving me with big financial problems,” the 35-year-old described on her Twitter account.

With no signs of improving her situation anytime soon and a desire to return to the gym, Dandois said she has decided to temporarily pursue a new career for an adult website that charges users for a membership. monthly for explicit images and videos.

“I decided to create an Only Fans so that I could raise money to reopen the gymnasium and give the young people their home,” Dandois wrote.

Cindy Dandois, who is also a full-time teacher, added on Instagram, she deliberated on the move but thinks it suits her right now.

“If you want to support me, go ahead and subscribe. There will be pictures and small messages and the possibility to chat with me in private… BUT don’t ask for porn because it’s not possible… as I’m still a full time teacher, I won’t post too crazy stuff .

Dandois isn’t the first female athlete to switch to adult entertainment

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In June, the Australian Supercars pilot Renee Gracie made the headlines when she decided to quit her merry-go-round and pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry. Gracie was the first woman to compete full time in the sport.

After limited early success and the novelty wore off, Gracie struggled to find sponsors for her team. She decided to explore the possibility of working in the world of adult entertainment. Once her research was completed and the financial benefits understood, she decided to take the plunge.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done in my entire life,” said Gracie. News Corp Australia. “It put me in a financial situation that I could never have dreamed of and I really like it. I agree with whatever they want to call me. I’m making a lot of money and I’m comfortable with where I am.

To great evils the great means. And at the end of the day, if the person can live with the choices they have made and believe that they are the best for them in the long run, who is someone else to question them.

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