Even with Mac Jones, Patriots offense remains “Cam show” – for now

The New England Patriots have found their quarterback of the future, but whether or not he will become the quarterback of the present is another question.

There is no doubt that Mac Jones’ expectations are to one day take over from the Patriots. New England wouldn’t have drafted him 15th overall if that wasn’t the case. However, with Cam Newton re-signed earlier this offseason and with the learning curve from college to pro being as steep as it is, there is a realistic chance the youngster will play second fiddle early on. of her career.

For as intriguing as Jones may be, he has neither the experience of the system nor the league that Newton or third-year replacement Jarrett Stidham have. The 22-year-old said it himself on his first media conference call after being picked by the Patriots.

“I’ve never played in the NFL or anything and I don’t know what it is, so I’m just going to go out there and work really hard like I always have and always will. I mean, Cam has already earned the respect of the team and my job is to support him and Jarrett and help them become better players if I can, ”Jones said.

“I’ve never played in the NFL, but I’ve seen some great football and know I can help them with whatever they need, whether it’s taking notes or just relaxing. I’m just going to be that great teammate that I know I can be.

Because as impressed as the Patriots are with Newton as leader in his first season with the team, and for the urgency that Stidham has shown during the offseason, the prospect remains the same for all: they will keep the fort going. until Jones is ready. It could be in 2021, maybe only in 2022.

It will come, however, unless the Crimson Tide QB turns into an all-time bust for New England.

For now, however, Jones himself has acknowledged that the Patriots offense will be Newton’s show.

“Cam is awesome and I’ve only heard good things from talking to people I know about the Patriots about how awesome he is and how much everyone loves him. He’s just having fun with it, and so am I. So hopefully we can have fun together and I’ll help him, ”he said. “I mean, this is his show and I’m just here to support it and then kind of help the team in any way I can.”

Jones doesn’t seem to be the only person who shares this opinion. Patriots head coach and general manager Bill Belichick also said in his own post-draft media session that Newton will be the team’s quarterback, while Jones’ prospect is to learn the system. and upgrade for the time being.

“We’ll see how it goes. Cam is our quarterback, ”Belichick said. “Whatever position, whenever Jarrett or Mac is ready to challenge and compete, then we’ll see how it goes. But right now, Mac, he just has a lot of learning ahead of him.

Belichick was then asked to clarify his statements about Newton as the Patriots quarterback. However, he had no intention of doing so, as the following transcript provided by the team shows:

Q: Going back to your comments, you said Cam is our quarterback. What does that mean exactly?

BB: Just what I said.

Q: Just that, I mean, if when you start training he’ll be the first guy there, he’s the starter, how long does that last?

BB: I don’t know. Someone should play better than him.

Jones is the first candidate to become that person at some point later. But until he shows he can be the QB1 New England hopes to draft, Cam Newton remains on track to lead that attack for the immediate future.

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