Ciner Glass signs an 80 million euro contract for a third oven at the Park Cam site in Turkey

Ciner Glass has signed an 80 million euro contract for the construction of a third oven at its Park Cam site in Bozüyük, Turkey.

The investment will increase the facility’s capacity by an additional one billion glass bottles per year.

The kiln will be capable of producing 500 tonnes per day and will have four 8+8 triple parison tandem production machines operational on site.

The total investment cost of the third furnace is estimated at 130 million euros.

The Turkish manufacturer selected German Heye International for the hot end equipment (acting as project manager), Lahti Glass Technology for the concrete plant and cullet return system, and TecoGlass for the kiln,

MSK Verpackungs will participate in the delivery of the cold end and packaging equipment, while Tiama has been contracted to supply the inspection machines.

The furnace, which will be operational from next year, will also create 100 additional jobs in the plant.

Park Cam was established in 2011 to supply products containing glass in Turkey.

The company opened its first production line in 2013 and completed its second furnace in 2015 to supply glass bottles throughout Europe.

New investments in Ankara

The latest investment is further evidence of the company’s plans to increase its capacity at the site, as the company also plans to build a glass site in Ankara, Turkey, as part of Ciner Glass’ vision which will increase capacity up to 2,500 tons per day. .

Ciner Glass Executive Director, Ms Didem Ciner, said: “This investment is a major step forward in increasing our capacity at the Park Cam site – supplying over three billion bottles a year – and offers a promising sign things to come for the company. .

“This announcement is part of our plans to significantly increase our presence, production and delivery of high quality glass bottles across Europe – as we look to build new factories in Wales and Belgium – and exemplifies our ambition and determination to be one of the world’s leading glass producers.