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‘Cam Show’ continues as Thomas scores 36 to help Nets beat Spurs

It’s just the Summer League. It’s only the Summer League, but after another spectacular Cam Thomas game, it’s hard not to be excited. For the third game in a row, the 19-year-old from Chesapeake, Va. Led the Summer League Nets to a win, this time scoring 36 points, including 14 in the fourth quarter, to […]

Even with Mac Jones, Patriots offense remains “Cam show” – for now

The New England Patriots have found their quarterback of the future, but whether or not he will become the quarterback of the present is another question. There is no doubt that Mac Jones’ expectations are to one day take over from the Patriots. New England wouldn’t have drafted him 15th overall if that wasn’t the […]

Scottish Highland cows star in their own ‘Coo’ camera show

Australia has kangaroos, China has pandas, and Scotland is known for its… cows? Shaggy, red-haired, pink-tongued cows from the Highlands to be exact. These are lovely animals that you will see in fields and paddocks across the Hebrides and even along the Scottish Borders. But if you’re not actually in the UK right now, the […]

Kiss Cam Show model Katherine Webb with a young boy?

Photo shows model Katherine Webb seated next to a child at a sporting event. The caption reads: “Awkward kissing cams: see what happened after this moment.” This advertising bait has been disseminated on the web: The link leads to an ad-infested 25-page slideshow that does not include any entry on Katherine Webb and does not […]

Cam Show: Rams, Akers claim dominance over Patriots, Newton

The Defense of the Rams is perhaps the largest party legally allowed to meet in the state of California right now. Michael Brockers had two of LA’s six sacks and Kenny Young Door’s worst shot Dash’d Cam Newton since the previous (probably) 79 yards for a touchdown as the Rams beat the Patriots 24-3 Thursday […]

Is the “Rescue Cam” show on A&E real? Here’s what you need to know

One of the latest shows on A&E, Rescue camera, promises to take viewers behind the scenes and spotlight the heroic work being done by rescue teams. Rescue camera features images illustrating rescues of humans and animals. The show relies on clips mostly shot by amateurs – which makes it all the more real. But then, […]

In CAM Show, Rachel Youn explores where Megachurch meets the dance club

Every two years, local artists are honored at the St. Louis Museum of Contemporary Art. Since 2003, the gallery has partnered with the Gateway Foundation to offer the Great Rivers Biennial Arts Award program. The effort shines a spotlight on local emerging artists in the greater Saint-Louis area and offers them a stipend of $ […]

Mirror, mirror, on your camera, show us what you hand drawn

Working and learning from home may be the new normal, and if IKEA shelving is any indication, people are sprucing up their home desks with furniture, gadgets and squishy chairs. While teleconferencing has proven to be an invaluable tool, paper documents don’t go away without a fight. Unfortunately, dedicated document cameras take up a lot […]

Driver and body camera videos show two views of Tampa cop firing gun

TAMPA – As encounters between police and black Americans come under new scrutiny, videos currently circulating show two views of the same incident – a Tampa police officer pointing his pistol at a driver who ‘he was arrested on suspicion of car theft. The encounter happened just before 5 p.m. Thursday in the driveway of […]

Chon Buri Police Raid Late Night Ladyboy Cam Show, Arrest Dozens – VIDEO

The show must continue! But not at the moment. Police in Chon Buri province, south-east of Bangkok, acting on a tip, arrested dozens of people during a raid on an underground “show cam” at a luxury house in the Pattaya area near 12:30 am yesterday. The raid was carried out by local police units as […]