Cam Show: Rams, Akers claim dominance over Patriots, Newton

The Defense of the Rams is perhaps the largest party legally allowed to meet in the state of California right now.

Michael Brockers had two of LA’s six sacks and Kenny Young Door’s worst shot Dash’d Cam Newton since the previous (probably) 79 yards for a touchdown as the Rams beat the Patriots 24-3 Thursday night.

FOX, the NFL Network and Amazon Prime audiences had the pleasure of watching New England play one of their worst games during Bill Belichick’s day, as the Rams only became the second team since. 2006 to keep the Patriots under six points in a game. Offensively, LA guaranteed fans would see at least one Cam succeed this week as rookie Cam Akers counted for 171 rushing yards.

Most by any rookie in a game this season.

Akers has 50 carries for 243 rushing yards in the last two games.

Both Cams made sure Jared Goff didn’t have many chances to prove he mattered and he finished with 16 completed passes on 25 attempts for 137 yards with a very impressive and very lucky touchdown and interception on a throw low.

The game was never particularly close, never particularly interesting for anyone who didn’t root for the Rams or probably the Patriots and the latter have lost fans as Tom Brady now plays Bruce Barianscheck instead. Los Angeles took a 7-0 lead in its first practice, gaining 75 yards with 35 of them on a single run from the Akers. The offense gained another 60 yards and three points in the next practice and the scoring margin was only 40 minutes longer when Young took advantage of Newton’s lack five years ago.

Newton went 9 of 16 for 119 yards and was sacked four times before being benched for Jarrett Stidham and it wasn’t hard for even Terry Bradshaw to mumble after the game that it’s time for the Patriots to sit Cam.

Legitimate MVP candidate Aaron Donald added 1.5 more sacks to his CV, giving him 12.5 over the season, which already matches his 2019 total.

The Rams improve to 9-4 this season, securing Sean McVay his fourth winning season in four attempts, which would also make him the team’s top kicker. McVay gets his fourth winning season more than a month before he turns 35. The coach he beat on Thursday didn’t get his fourth winning season until he was 51.

It also means that if LA wins their next game, they’ll have a shot at winning NFC West with a Week 16 win over the Seahawks. The Rams need only fend off Adam Gase’s will to win with the Jets coming to SoFi next Sunday and if that happens, they’ll be at least one home game win in the playoffs.

And they’ll bring with them the best defense in the NFL if they do.

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