Adult site makes sex offer to NBA to help keep James Harden and others away from strip clubs and IG models

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The 2020-2021 NBA season is scheduled to begin on December 22, but this time around there will be no bubble in Orlando.

Unlike the end of the 2019-20 NBA season, teams will play games in home arenas and travel to other arenas.

In response to NBA guidelines for players not to frequent clubs, an adult cam website is expanding its services to the NBA to help players like James Harden stay out of strip clubs and models Instagram.

Heavy :

“Over the weekend it was announced that Houston Rockets player James Harden had missed the first practice of the season due to a breach of COVID-19 protocols, who allegedly attended a party at the club striptease. The NBA is cracking down on players who violate COVID-19 protocols early in the season and if players cannot stay away from strip clubs during the season it will be a big problem for teams.

IsMyGirl, a premium platform for adult models to monetize their sexy content, is officially keen to extend an offer to the NBA to partner with the site to help steer players away from strip clubs and Instagram models. By interacting with some of the most popular models online, gamers can ensure their needs are met while adhering to strict COVID-19 protocols. And if you’re like James Harden, a player known to be successful in cities with the best strip clubs, player performance may actually improve the more they use the site.

I’d like to put you in touch with IsMyGirl CEO Evan Seinfeld who can tell you more about the league offering. Would you like to set up a call or share questions via email? Let me know.”

In the absence of the bubble, we can fully expect a number of positive tests for several NBA teams, which will likely open the door for many players who would not normally have much time on the court.

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